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Booster Club Minutes 11/5/2017

Members in attendance:  Jean Frank, Kathleen Johnson, Pat Perkins, Stephanie Burnison, Nicky Brammer, Jay Soderberg, Mary Ohnmacht, Nicole Wenstrand


Minutes from 9/10/17 motion to approved by Nicky, 2nd by Mary all ayes


Wish List


      1. Hurdles need fixed

       2. Batons for Jr High

      3. Discus for Jr High


  1. Would like new nets in the East Gym


  1. Chalk line marker

  2. Indoor pitching mat from BSN Sports at a cost of $350.98. Motion by Jean , 2nd by Jay all ayes to order the mat.




Treasurer’s Report

  • The current available balance is $208.39 in the school account

  • There is a balance of $13,396.86 in the Tri-Valley acct

  • The Bank Iowa acct has been closed and deposited into the Tri-Valley acct

Athletic Director Report

  • Request for $250 toward the purchase of 30 practice jerseys for boys basketball total cost of $680. Motion by Nicky, 2nd by Steph, all ayes to have the money left in the school transferred to the athletic fund to be used for this.

Membership Drive

  • Farmer's Mercantile interested in Trojan Pride membership

  • Roof Tech interested in Trojan Pride membership

  • Sign finished for Vantage Rehab. Nicky to get it and the Shenandoah Medical Center signs hung on the baseball fence.

  • Still waiting for 4 more Trojan Pride sponsors to send back their memberships

Old Business

  • We received tax free status and have to complete a 990-N annually

New Business

  • Discussed getting a larger size booklet with the sponsors’ ads. Motion by Kathleen, 2nd by Jay, all ayes to spend up to $500 for a 11x17 folded in half book.

  • KMA Hall of Fame Induction and winter homecoming will be on January 12th, suggestion made to have a meal but it was suggested to offer it to other groups and if nobody wants to do it we will review at the next meeting.



Senior Recognitions / Athletic Banquet / Showcases

  • There will be only one varsity athletic banquet this year during the second week of May. Suggestions for a catered meal with a $5 charge to attend and have it opened to the community. More details to be worked out in the future.

  • Winter showcase will cost around $200. Kristie Skalberg ordering the food from Hy-Vee and donating the pasta. She is willing to help with cooking the food and wants to start at 4:00 for those that can help. Jean to see what we need for supplies such as plates and drinks.

  • Senior recognition for winter sports on January 30th.

Essex Gear from Bethann McCall

  • Request for a new design for winter sports. Nicole to ask Blu to develop a design to discuss at the next meeting. Sales have gone good, only two 2XXL shirts left and some youth sizes of the #RiseUp shirts. Drawstring bags are selling by word of mouth. Plans to sell at basketball games both school and youth.


Adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Next Meeting Date:  December 3rd at 5:00pm in Trojan Hall



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