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Essex Booster Club Minutes 3/4/2018


Members in attendance: Jean Frank, Mike Johnson, Mary Ohnmacht, Kathleen Johnson, Nicole Wenstrand, Chase Heinhold, Jay Soderberg, Pat Perkins

Minutes from 1/7/18 approved Wish List Track 1. Hurdles need fixed 2. Batons for Jr High 3. Discus for Jr High Basketball 1. Would like new nets in the East Gym 2. Starting to look at a new system to raise and lower the baskets. It is roughly around $1500 per basket. Looking at doing some fundraising to raise part of the money and want to ask the booster club for a donation as well. Just an idea if the booster club would be interested in a big project like this. 3. Automatic shooter for basketball at a cost of $3000 plus shipping, EYS is willing to donate $1000 toward the purchase. Asking Booster Club for $2300 Softball 1. Chalk line marker 2. New set of bleachers at a cost of $4500 another vendor will be contacted to get a quote that should be cheaper. On hold for now Football 1. Cheerleading 1. Request from Mary for cheerleading camp to be paid for again this year. This will have a cost of approximately $2160 Baseball 1. New bat at a cost of $350 Weighlifting 1. Volleyball 1. Miscellaneous 1. Sports Enhancement attendance in Essex at an estimated cost of $3000 plus an additional $1000 to purchase equipment needed for the program. This will be available to all 6-11 grade athletes in Essex. 2. Positive posters for the locker rooms and athletic hallway plus frames at a cost of $100. Motion by Jean, 2nd by Kathleen, all ayes to purchase Treasurer’s Report ● There is a balance of $15,943.38 in the Tri-Valley acct Athletic Director Report ● Requests added to the wish list. ● Softball bleachers and railings for area around the videotaping platform on hold Membership Drive ● All memberships have been paid Old Business ● New Business ● Would like to get quotes for concrete to move all three sets of bleachers to the football field and also at the softball field to move one set there during the season. Need to find out if it is indeed unsafe to use the bleachers in smaller sections. ● Discussed change of time and day for meetings after concerns had been brought up but all are fine with continuing the meetings on Sunday at 5. ● Need to get more involved because new officers are going to be needed in May and we do not have enough interest. If we cannot get more interest it may be necessary to eliminate the Booster Club which will result in approximately a $15,000 loss to our athletic department. ● Discussed a Strike Zone camp. The camp costs $3000 and would be split with EYS. After discussing the short notice of the camp which was to be held on May 6th and the uncertainty of athletes wanting to attend, we decided to put it on hold until next year and try to get athletes to commit to the camp before paying this amount of money. Fundraising ● Golf tournament to take place on June 19th in Shenandoah. Nicole working to set up a meal and get more information by the next meeting. Goal is to have a least 15 teams. Motion by Kathleen, 2nd by Mary, all ayes to run money through the Booster Club and give to the athletic department after the tournament is complete. Senior Recognitions / Athletic Banquet / Showcases ● There will be only one varsity athletic banquet this year during the second week of May. Estimated cost of $400 for the Booster Club to cover the cost of the athletes to eat. All others will be required to pay $10 for a ticket to eat. It will be a sit down catered meal. Essex Gear from Bethann McCall ● Motion by Kathleen, 2nd by Pat, all ayes to purchase the baseball bat, automatic shooter for basketball, pay for sports enhancement, cheerleading camp and activity banquet meal Adjourned at 5:45 p.m. Next Meeting Date: April 22nd at 5:00pm in Trojan Hall


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