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The school provides bus transportation for all students who live outside the city limits of Essex. We have the right to refuse you this transportation if your conduct when riding the bus is not acceptable. You are to observe all courtesies while on the school bus that you would observe on any commercial bus. Also, any reasonable requests and orders from the bus driver should be obeyed.

The bus driver has full authority over and responsibility for all passengers on the school bus.



1. The driver is in charge of the students and the bus. Students must obey the driver promptly and courteously.


2. The driver may assign a seat to any or all students who are passengers on the bus. Each student must be provided a seat on the bus. Students may move to another seat after passenger load is lightened, if permission is first obtained from the driver, and if the bus is not in motion.


3. Students must be on time. The bus cannot wait for those who are tardy.


4. Students should walk on the left side of the road facing traffic when going to their bus stop.


5. Students must never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus. All students are to wait for the bus off of the traveled portion of the road. Students are to wait in an orderly manner and never push a fellow student.


6. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited. Do not talk in a loud voice or shout while on the bus. Do not distract the driver's attention from his primary job-driving the bus. Remember: Your safety is in the hands of the bus driver.


7. Outside of ordinary conversations with fellow riders, classroom conduct is to be observed by all riders.


8. Students are not to throw waste paper or other rubbish on the floor of the bus. Help keep the bus you ride clean and sanitary at all times.


9. Students are not to extend arms, head, or other body parts out of bus windows at any time.


10. When leaving the bus, students must observe directions of the driver. If you cross the road, do so in front of the bus after making sure the road is clear of oncoming traffic and after receiving the go-ahead signal from the driver.


11. Any damage to the bus is to be reported to the driver at once.



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